About us

iMoto was founded in 2017 in Tirana, by motorcycle enthusiasts and professionals who since then have been continuously providing to the Albanian market the best worldwide brands of motorcycles and accessories. iMoto offers the best solutions for urban and interurban transportation, the best motorcycles, and accessories from the best brands of the world, straight to the Balkans.

Our purpose

To enable a new generation of motorcyclists to enjoy the pleasure of motorcycling at competitive prices, with the continued support of iMoto’s facilities and services.

Our mission

Build a safe driving standard and culture by equipping motorcycle lovers with the right gear, the latest bikes, and the most effective accessories. It does not matter if you are a professional or novice. You don’t have to be an experienced rider to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of a motorcycle. Over time and with our help, bikes will become part of your lifestyle, for everyday use and fun.

Our vision

To become the number one choice for all local and regional motorcyclists, while changing the general perception about motorcycles in the countries we operate.


iMoto Albania has two physical stores, where interested customers can find motorcycles and equipment for themselves and their vehicle. However, iMoto is expanding to several locations, with more stores coming soon within the region.

Market and competition

The Albanian market is still relatively new in regards to wide-range motorcycle usage even though nowadays a considerable number of businesses in different industries have started to realize the benefits of motorcycle usage in their day-to-day operations. There is undoubtedly an increase in demand for motorcycles in the Albanian market.

iMoto sells on average 10 new motorcycles per month, a number which is expected to increase as the Albanian market learns more about motorcycles and the benefits of riding one in our day-to-day life. 

In the market, there are present various well-known brands, but such businesses are not competitors for iMoto. The aforementioned businesses focus on one of the following: accessories or motorcycles. 

iMoto is the only store in the country that offers motorcycles, accessories, dedicated service and maintenance, and a well-established bikers club.

Social responsibility


We want to keep our customers satisfied with our products and services but we

also want to protect them from:

  • Unqualified and incorrect information.
  • Out of standard products.
  • Any action that is directly or indirectly related to the safety of motorcycle users, the community, and the environment.iMoto is actively trying to educate the community about motorcycle safety and usage with the help of modern channels such as social media and is currently looking into other methods of information distribution to a wider audience.