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When you enter iMOTO, you are becoming part of a revolution. Founded in 2016 iMOTO is on the right steps of building the new generation of riders in Albania.


What we offer

Better solutions for urban and interurban transportation. We offer exclusive motorcycles and accessories from the best brands in the world straight to the Albanian market.

M i s s i o n

Giving riders the most amazing experience

Our mission is to give riders the most amazing experience possible. We do this through our commitment to present people the right way to ride in the city or the open road.

V i s i o n

The best alternative of transport

Not getting stucked in traffic! Fastest way for parking! These two things only make life easier for everybody!

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When you join iMOTO, you become part of a revolution.
Founded in 2016, iMOTO is in the right steps to build the new generation of Albanian motorcyclists.

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+355 67 501 0001 Pandeli Cale, Tirana, Albania

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