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Oil engine refill

Drain and refill engine oil to proper level; replace oil filter; safety inspection.


Wheel & Tire

Mount & balance your tires or the ones that we sell. Remove and install.


Battery / Electrical System

Charge, test, and replace your battery; Test charging system output.
We stock, sell and install batteries for many popular motorcycles,
checking out the charging system as well to ensure it stays running after you start your bike.


Handlebar, Controls and Grips

If you want to spiff up the looks of your bike or just want it more
comfortable on your hands, arms, shoulders and back, this is one way to
solve several needs at one time. Come in and talk to us about what we
can do to provide you with a solution to your needs.


Bike Wash/ Detailing

Is your bike looking less than *** SPARKLING *** ??
Schedule up an appointment to treat your bike to a day at the spa.



We have the expertise, equipment and parts offerings to make your dreams come true.

Always check with us in your quest to hop up your bike.

When you join iMOTO, you become part of a revolution.
Founded in 2016, iMOTO is in the right steps to build the new generation of Albanian motorcyclists.

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+355 67 501 0001 Pandeli Cale, Tirana, Albania

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